Delivering Nature’s Solutions to the World’s Farmers

The global weed problem is bad and getting worse as weeds learn how to tolerate (overused) herbicides. Nature has led us to a naturally-produced herbicide – which we call  MGX 1001.

Believed to have a new mechanism of action, MGX 1001 will  defeat herbicide-resistant weeds and help the world’s farmers dramatically reduce the crop loss due to weeds.

MGX 1001 Natural Hebicide Bottle Licensed by MicroMGx

Introducing MGX 1001.
A Naturally-Produced Herbicide

The MGx platform technology, developed by MicroMGx, discovers new chemistry by harnessing the power of the world’s best chemists: microbes. Microbes have been creating and modifying chemicals to do specific tasks for over 4 billion years. An excellent example is our lead molecule, MGX 1001. Nature created a bacteria that causes onion center rot, which led to the discovery of a new chemical naturally produced by this bacterial strain. We have tested the active ingredients and are now making plans to develop this chemical into a broad-spectrum herbicide. The best part is that it appears to have a new mechanism of action.

30% of Crop Losses Each Year are Due to Weeds.

Most of those losses are due to herbicide resistant weeds – due to overuse of current herbicides and lack of new mechanisms of action. All herbicides on the market have seen some kind of resistance in the targeted weeds. Yet, no broad-spectrum herbicide with a new mechanism of action has been discovered in over 35 years! This lack of innovation is incredible and hurts the farmers around the world.

Did You Know?

The Yield Lost to Weeds Could Feed One Billion People a Year.

Defeat Herbicide Resistant Weeds with MGX 1001.

In the greenhouse test, January 2022, we found good activity against several important weeds. Below is an example of how it performed on an extremely harmful weed, Horseweed (erigeron) – note: this species of horseweed is especially resistant to glyphosate (RoundUp), the most popular herbicide in the world.

MGX 1001 Sample from Herbicide Study Showing very little weed growth

MGX 1001

Round Up Sample from Herbicide Study Showing weed resistance


Control Sample from Herbicide Study Showing heavy weed growth


MGX 1001 clearly has herbicide activity against this weed while RoundUp had almost no impact at all. A herbicide with effectiveness against herbicide resistant weeds will help farmers around the world control weeds, use less herbicide, and increase their crops’ yield.

Want to Learn More?

While our vision is that we will discover all undiscovered compounds produced by microbes, and make them accessible to life science R&D organizations around the world, we are charging forward to accomplish our more focused mission of delivering Nature’s solutions to the world’s farmers. Our first step is to deliver MGX 1001, a licensable, patent-protected natural herbicide. If you are interested in collaborating, supporting our mission, or have any type of inquiry, feel free to contact us.

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