About MicroMGx

The goal at MicroMGx is to develop the largest, functional library of natural products (through the most robust discovery platform) in order to facilitate a new pipeline of chemical matter into early stage pharmaceutical testing.

Making High Throughput Natural Product Discovery Possible

Natural products are chemicals produced by microbes that have important applications as the active ingredients in specialty chemical products ranging from pharmaceuticals to herbicides.

Our Mission at MicroMGx is to accelerate the discovery of new chemistry from nature that can enrich and extend human life.

Our Vision is that all undiscovered compounds produced by microbes will be identified and made accessible to life science R&D organizations around the world.​

Our History

MicroMGx (originally named Microbial Pharmaceuticals) was co-founded in 2015 by Northwestern University Professors Neil Kelleher and Regan Thomson and University of Illinois Professor William Metcalf.  The Chief Scientific Officer of MicroMGx, Anthony Goering, PhD, discovered the first novel, active compound using MicroMGx’s cutting-edge technology platform.

Metabologenomics is the core of MicroMGx’s natural product discovery platform, developed over a decade-long collaboration between the co-founding Professors. MicroMGx began operations in 2017 with an award from the Small Business Innovation Reward (SBIR) program of the National Institutes for Health.

Our Team

Neil Kelleher Bio Photo
Neil L.
Kelleher, PhD


William Metcalf Bio Photo
Metcalf, PhD


Regan Thomson New Bio

Thomson, PhD


Raj Pannu Bio Photo

Pannu, MD


Jack Kloeber Bio Photo

Jack M.
Kloeber, PhD


Jennifer Kelleher Bio Photo


Executive Coordinator

Our Advisors

Bingham, PhD

Scientific/Industry Advisor

Baltz, PhD

Scientific/Industry Advisor

Joseph Byrum-Bio Pic MGX

Byrum, PhD

Scientific/Industry Advisor

Goering, PhD

Scientific/Industry Advisor


HR Advisor

Contact Us

While our vision is that we will discover all undiscovered compounds produced by microbes, and make them accessible to life science R&D organizations around the world, we are charging forward to accomplish our more focused mission of delivering Nature’s solutions to the world’s farmers. Our first step is to deliver MGX 1001, a licensable, patent-protected natural herbicide. If you are interested in collaborating, supporting our mission, or have any type of inquiry, feel free to contact us.