MicroMGx accelerating new product development by making natural products discovery more efficient.

Microorganisms have evolved the ability to produce complex molecules known generally as natural products (or secondary metabolites) that include numerous high-value compounds with applications in the food, agricultural, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Discovering these high-value natural products has, in the past, been somewhat costly and inefficient so companies turned to man-made chemicals (synthetics), but [...]

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MicroMGx drives increased new product development for leaders in the agriculture space using largescale new product discovery

The leading agriscience companies are looking to innovation and natural products discovery for a more effective and efficient way to increase new product development, product effectiveness and growth. Genome mining has emerged in the past decade as a key technology to explore and exploit natural product diversity and the success that it brings for [...]

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MicroMGx announces research collaboration agreement with Elanco to investigate animal-health promoting microorganisms

Chicago, IL – June 24, 2021 Today MicroMGx, Inc. announces it has initiated a collaboration with Elanco Animal Health Inc to discover novel animal health products based on or derived from microorganisms. Under the agreement, MicroMGx will use its MGx technology platform to profile microorganisms that have the potential to boost animal health and prevent diseases.    “Partnering with MicroMGx fits our mission to develop new tools and [...]

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MicroMGx Welcomes Dr. Joseph Byrum to the Team

Written by our CEO Jack Kloeber: "I am very happy to announce that Dr. Joseph Byrum will be joining our Scientific and Industry Advisory Board. I have personally known Joe for 9 years and during that time he has led his R&D organizations to win global analytics competitions (the InfORMS Edelman Award in 2015 [...]

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MicroMGx Welcomes Dr. ​Richard Baltz to the Team

We are proud to announce that Richard Baltz has joined MicroMGx as a Scientific Advisor. Dr. Baltz is a both a pioneer and thought leader in #naturalproducts discovery. He led the Eli Lilly Molecular Genetics department and helped establish Lilly as a world leader in genetic engineering of industrial actinomycetes. Later, he worked with Cubist Pharmaceuticals to launch the last new antibiotic [...]

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MicroMGx Welcomes ​Dr. Alph Bingham to the Team

We are extremely happy to announce that the renowned innovation guru, Dr. Alph Bingham, has joined our advisory team. His experience of over 25 years in R&D roles with Eli Lilly, the many startups he has founded, advised, and led, and his successful open innovation company InnoCentive make him the perfect addition to our team. Alph [...]

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MicroMGx Welcomes ​ Dr. Raj Pannu to the Team

We are extremely excited, during this period of growth and expansion, to welcome Dr. Raj Pannu to our Board of Directors. Raj is a practicing vascular specialist in Westerville, OH. He is one of a select few specialists in the country to have board certification in both vascular medicine and endovascular medicine.​ His clinical [...]

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Congratulations to Prof. Neil Kelleher, MicroMGx’s Chairman of the Board, who co-authored a published article in ACS Chemical Biology

Prof. Neil Kelleher, MicroMGx’s Chairman of the Board, co-authored a published article in ACS Chemical Biology, 2020, again showing the efficacy of using the metabologenomics platform to identify new bioactive compounds and a new biosynthetic gene cluster. Learn more about the published article below. Congratulations Prof. Neil Kelleher! Montaser, R; Kelleher, N L Discovery [...]

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Corteva and MicroMGx Collaborate to Accelerate the Development of Microbial-Based Crop Protection Products

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Oct. 8, 2019 — Corteva Agriscience and MicroMGx today announced a collaboration that aims to provide farmers a wider range of novel, microbial-based crop protection products.  Under the agreement, MicroMGx will apply its metabologenomics platform to accelerate the identification of new natural product starting points. In a first for the agriculture industry, [...]

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