Microorganisms have evolved the ability to produce complex molecules known generally as natural products (or secondary metabolites) that include numerous high-value compounds with applications in the food, agricultural, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Discovering these high-value natural products has, in the past, been somewhat costly and inefficient so companies turned to man-made chemicals (synthetics), but those are no longer working as effectively. 

Today’s leading agriscience companies are quickly looking to innovation and natural products discovery for a more effective, efficient, and sustainable way to speed up and increase new product launches for company growth.

As microbial genome sequencing has increased over the past decade, the vastness of chemical space occupied by natural products has become more clear and quantifiable. 

“The capacity of microorganisms to produce an immense number of metabolites has come into better view. Utilizing a metabolite/gene cluster correlation platform, the biosynthetic origins of a new family of natural products, the rimosamides, were discovered.”  Read full article

MicroMGx utilizes world-leading science and technology – including artificial intelligence – to examine nature with an “untargeted (for novelty)” and “massively parallel (for efficiency)” approach for accelerated natural products discovery. 

Instead of engineering or using synthetics, MicroMGx delivers more efficient and more affordable natural products discovery which speeds up innovation and subsequently new product development.

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