Chicago, IL – June 24, 2021

Today MicroMGx, Inc. announces it has initiated a collaboration with Elanco Animal Health Inc to discover novel animal health products based on or derived from microorganisms. Under the agreement, MicroMGx will use its MGx technology platform to profile microorganisms that have the potential to boost animal health and prevent diseases.   

“Partnering with MicroMGx fits our mission to develop new tools and products to manage the animal microbiome,” said Kristin Bloink, vice president, Global Research & Exploratory Development at Elanco. “Their unique approach to mining value from microorganisms opens avenues that will help us create innovative new products.” MicroMGx specializes in the discovery of natural products from microorganisms that can be used as active ingredients in products for pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and animal health. MicroMGx’s flagship technology is the metabologenomics (MGx) platform, which uses genomics and metabolomics to prioritize microorganisms with commercially useful capabilities. 

Probiotics and natural products derived from microorganisms represent a significant share of the $46.8B animal health industry. Natural products are used in diverse products in the animal health industry including feed additives, antibiotics, and other anti-infectives.  Probiotic products include dietary supplements and feed additive products.

Jack Kloeber, PhD, CEO of MicroMGx, remarked “This is our first strategic partnership in the animal health space. We are incredibly excited to be working with Elanco and to have this opportunity to demonstrate the potential of our platform and technology to help improve the lives of animals.”