The leading agriscience companies are looking to innovation and natural products discovery for a more effective and efficient way to increase new product development, product effectiveness and growth.

Genome mining has emerged in the past decade as a key technology to explore and exploit natural product diversity and the success that it brings for new product development.

Key to this success is the fact that genes encoding natural product biosynthetic pathways are usually clustered together on the chromosome. These biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs) can be readily identified in a genome sequence. Moreover, in many cases, the chemical structures of their products can be predicted to a certain extent, based on the analysis and biosynthetic logic of the enzymes encoded in a BGC and their similarity to known counterparts. Read article: A computational framework to explore large-scale biosynthetic diversity

By following nature and using an “untargeted (for novelty)” and “massively parallel (for efficiency)” approach with natural products discovery, instead of engineering or using synthetics, MicroMGx delivers more affordable natural products discovery for accelerated innovation.