The May/June 2023 issue of Future Farmer Magazine showcased an article focusing on the 12 newest agtech startups participating in the North Dakota AgTech Accelerator program, initiated by Plug and Play. Among these selected startups, MicroMGx was prominently featured, sharing insights about their innovative solution aimed at addressing one of the major challenges faced by farmers worldwide:  The impact of herbicide resistance on weed control.

Interview Summary:
MicroMGx has discovered and is now developing a naturally produced herbicide with a new mechanism, aiming to address the problem of herbicide-resistant weeds that cause significant crop losses worldwide. By reducing crop losses and promoting soil health, their product could have a substantial impact on the economy, environment, and global food security Over 1 Billion people could be fed with the yield lost to weeds every year. MicroMGx is conducting tests in partnership with the University of Nebraska School of Agronomy. They envision launching multiple natural herbicides and establishing partnerships with top agriculture companies worldwide. Through the Plug and Play program, they aim to find corporate partners and secure seed funding.  MicroMGx wants farmers to know that they understand the increasing problem of weed control and are dedicated to providing safe and natural solutions for their crops.

You can read the interview in its entirety here.