Written by our CEO Jack Kloeber:

“I am very happy to announce that Dr. Joseph Byrum will be joining our Scientific and Industry Advisory Board. I have personally known Joe for 9 years and during that time he has led his R&D organizations to win global analytics competitions (the InfORMS Edelman Award in 2015 followed by the ANA Genius Award in 2016). As the Chief Data Scientist for one of the most respected financial firms in the industry, he again is pushing his organization to use Data Science and AI to impact the company’s performance as evidenced by his team being named to the Drexel LeBow Analytics Top 50. Joe brings several decades of Big Agriculture experience to MicroMGx (both R&D and market) and will undoubtedly contribute greatly to our entrepreneurial funding efforts, our bioinformatics, and to our Ag industry insight.

Joe is joining two other heavy hitters – Alph Bingham and Richard Baltz – who joined our Advisory Board last quarter. #datascience #analytics #agriculturetechnology #startups #advisoryboard #metabologenomics”