The MGx Platform

Our unique metabologenomics platform integrates metabolomics, genomics, and bioinformatics to identify the novelty of new natural products from microbial strain collections and utilizes artificial intelligence for better precision and expedited discovery of natural products.

Using the MGx platform, we aim to discover new molecules at an unprecedented rate and hope to give the world access to natural medicines and agricultural products still waiting to be discovered.

What Exactly Are Natural Products?

With the use of our platform, we discover Natural Products here at MicroMGx. But, what exactly ARE Natural Products? Why is it hard to discover them? What makes MicroMGx special?

We are constantly asked these questions and have designed a short 2.5 min video to answer them. We hope you find it educational and interesting!

The Platform Process

The Vision for the MGx Platform.

Our company is based upon using metabolomics, genomics, and cutting edge bioinformatics to increase the rate of discovery of Natural Products by two orders of magnitude using our massively parallel metabologenomics platform. We focus on discovering natural product solutions for the R&D pipelines of Pharmaceutical, Agriculture Crop Protection, and Animal Health companies.

Our vision is to allow all life sciences companies access to novel natural products through searching our supermarket of natural products and licensing the best fit molecules from MicroMGx.

Using The MGx Platform from MicroMGx to discover new natural products

Contact Us

While our vision is that we will discover all undiscovered compounds produced by microbes, and make them accessible to life science R&D organizations around the world, we are charging forward to accomplish our more focused mission of delivering Nature’s solutions to the world’s farmers. Our first step is to deliver MGX 1001, a licensable, patent-protected natural herbicide. If you are interested in collaborating, supporting our mission, or have any type of inquiry, feel free to contact us.